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Eiara is a New Zealand based devops consultancy, helping clients worldwide to make their infrastructure automated, scalable and reliable.

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DevOps 101

If you have a growing fleet of servers, and adding a new server is measured in hours not minutes, Eiara can help.

Many platforms have the following growing pains:

  • servers that your systems administrators installed by hand, without centralised management - costing valuable time whenever an upgrade or vulnerability fix must be manually applied
  • lack of scalability, and poor resilience to outages
  • many complicated moving parts that make it difficult to roll out new deployments reliably and repeatedly
  • you have been using a platform as a service provider (PaaS) but you are starting to bump up against the limits of what they offer, or you are looking for a more cost effective solution.

How we can help you:

We give your dev team and ops team the tools and know-how to automate your infrastructure, to make it easy and repeatable so it grows as your business grows.

We'll introduce you to architecting for the cloud, how platform automation will fit into your development and release schedules and how a software-defined architecture saves money and time.

Next Level Infrastructure

If you have configuration management infrastructure already, but you are looking to improve your processes, Eiara can help.

These common issues are all things that we can work with you to resolve:

  • you already have automated provisioning through Saltstack, Puppet, Chef or Ansible, but adding new servers is time-consuming
  • you're moving to the cloud and scaling your product, and you'd like to ensure your deployments go smoothly
  • you need to ensure your disaster recovery process is simple, automated and tested
  • you want to make your software easier for developers to deploy using containerization tools like Docker or other virtualization technologies
  • you want to improve your software quality by introducing a continuous integration process.

How we can help you:

We work with your devs and ops to review your existing automation and work towards best practises.

We help getting your system centralised, easily adding and managing new servers.

We'll help you automate your failover and recovery, helping you meet your SLAs and reducing downtime.


Do your devs or systems people want to know more about how to make configuration management and devops work for them?

We offer customised half and full-day training courses on Puppet, Saltstack and Docker.

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