Build your DevOps Roadmap

All businesses have growing pains, and Eiara can help.

By introducing DevOps, you can realise increased collaboration, rapid innovation, and long-term sustainability.

Culture of Collaboration

DevOps tools bring new workflows, but to realise real effectiveness your teams will need to change.

Eiara works with your executive team to build a DevOps Culture Strategy, helping guide your organisation towards better collaboration and positive outcomes.

Productivity and Innovation

Integrated development and operations teams using modern DevOps techniques can work together seamlessly.

Eiara can help your teams reduce barriers to innovation, ensuring you meet your deadlines and reach your market faster than ever.

Working Together

Eiara assists your CTO with matching technical strategy with practical implementation, through close interaction with the technical teams.

Together we will map a path from the reality of today to the ambitions of tomorrow, ensuring that your infrastructure is sustainable for the years to come.


In today's fast-paced industry, training is a vital part of keeping your team sharp, productive, and forwards-looking.

Eiara will help you upskill your development and operations teams with everything from off-the-shelf single or multi-day courses, to bespoke sessions and individual mentoring.

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One of the core axioms of security for modern web deployments is to not check your keys into source control. From our API keys to our database passwords, these secrets being in our Git repository is a recipe for multiple kinds of disaster.

From the firing of a new engineer …

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