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A Case Study on Raspberry Pi’s Incident on the Fediverse

Fri 09 December 2022

This case study covers the incident of raspberrypi.social, the official Raspberry Pi domain and instance, posting about a new hire on December 8th, 2022 (Aotearoa New Zealand Time), and the subsequent reactions and escalations over the following 8-10 hours.

This case study is most applicable to businesses considering or …

OpenStack-Specific Configuration for Mastodon

Thu 02 July 2020

Getting Cloud Island launched was a solid 6 weeks of effort, developing the infrastructure-as-code that we felt was necessary for a modern and robust web deployment.

We’ve talked about the design of Cloud Island and about how we think of infrastructure, the three-tier architecture and the benefits that it …

On Planning Infrastructure

Wed 24 June 2020

If you’ve followed me on Twitter for the last few months, you’ve been seeing me talk a lot about what I’m doing with Cloud Island1. I also wrote a great article on the design behind Cloud Island and the decisions that we made.

While I was …

Designing Cloud Island

Wed 10 June 2020

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, Eiara resumed work on Cloud Island, a Mastodon1 instance hosted entirely within New Zealand. We built out an entire deployment infrastructure toolchain for Catalyst Cloud instead of relying on overseas clouds like AWS or Azure. We did this to show that …

Terraform Lambda Builder Update

Thu 05 September 2019

If you were using our very excellent Terraform AWS Lambda Package Building, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve merged in NodeJS support, so you can now build NodeJS packages directly from Terraform as part of a standard terraform apply cycle.

Hope you enjoy!

The Nature of Change

Thu 29 August 2019

In my career, I’ve often run into situations where a new tool, technology or process that I think will solve problems or make others’ jobs easier and faster has been met with resistance, and interference.


And perhaps this was due to my inability to communicate the value.

While …

PyCon Australia 2019

Tue 27 August 2019

Earlier this August, I was thrilled to be invited to open the 2019 PyCon Australia, with a reprisal my talk “Creating Lasting Change”.

Thanks so much to the organisers of PyCon AU for having me!

You can find the video here. I’d love to hear your feedback - please get …

DevOps Days Newcastle

Mon 01 April 2019

Last October, I was thrilled to get to be able to speak at DevOps Days Newcastle on the factors that go into creating structural change in our businesses, from the on-the-ground point of view of a developer.

My keynote as extremely well-received, touching on the major issues with communicating why …

On Building Lambda Payloads with Terraform

Mon 01 April 2019

Previously we announced our packaging tool for AWS Lambda. I’d like to dive into the workings of this tool much more deeply.

Working with AWS Lambda and Terraform is a big part of what I do on a day-to-day basis, and both tools are vital parts of shift to …

Deploying to the Cloud in New Zealand

Thu 07 March 2019

A really satisfying part of the work I do here is helping clients build robust solutions architectures, helping clients understand the security needs and posture that their systems need to meet today’s needs, and grow into tomorrow’s needs.

I also think about the ways that we can design …