Deploying to the Cloud in New Zealand

Building cloud tools for New Zealand

Aurynn Shaw
March 07, 2019

A really satisfying part of the work I do here is helping clients build robust solutions architectures, helping clients understand the security needs and posture that their systems need to meet today’s needs, and grow into tomorrow’s needs.

I also think about the ways that we can design and develop for our clients that builds on good decisions, using an existing security posture.

I’ve also been able to spend a lot time working on an infrastructure design for a Mastodon social network  here in New Zealand, hosted entirely on our own local Catalyst Cloud.

It’s let me spend a lot of time thinking about what it would mean to be a secure service in New Zealand, what it would take to run a service that people could rely on, and how to offer a great service in New Zealand.

It’s also let me build some great, well-designed and robust tools to easily deploy and run software on the Catalyst Cloud using the powerful Docker platform Kubernetes and covering the networking, deployment and database needs that Mastodon has, requirements that most webapps will have.

I think this is a great step towards enabling the ease of deployment of webapps by New Zealand companies to run in New Zealand, and make it easier to get started with the daunting task of running software in a new environment.

If you’d like to talk about running your workloads in New Zealand and on the Catalyst Cloud, or talk more about running your workload in Docker, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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