Posts tagged "devops"

OpenStack-Specific Configuration for Mastodon

Thu 02 July 2020

Some specific settings for running Mastodon on an OpenStack-powered cloud

On Planning Infrastructure

Wed 24 June 2020

How Eiara designs infrastructure

Designing Cloud Island

Wed 10 June 2020

Building infrastructure in New Zealand

Terraform Lambda Builder Update

Thu 05 September 2019

Updated to support NodeJS

On Building Lambda Payloads with Terraform

Mon 01 April 2019

A deeper dive into how we built our Python build tool for AWS Lambda.

Deploying to the Cloud in New Zealand

Thu 07 March 2019

Building cloud tools for New Zealand

Cross-Account Cloudfront Logs with Terraform

Fri 30 November 2018

How to set up cross-account logging with AWS Cloudfront, using Terraform

Why DevOps Can’t Be a Role

Wed 28 November 2018

Why will trying to hire a DevOps role only harm you?

On Writing Good Terraform Modules

Tue 27 November 2018

How to go about writing better Terraform modules for your infrastructure

You Can’t Hire a DevOps Role

Thu 24 May 2018

DevOps isn't a role, and you can't hire a DevOps Engineer